Monday, 15 December 2014

Have a break, have coffee

Too many changes in the last 2 months of 2014. I am not sure if I can keep myself afloat till the end of the year. Let's hope I do. 

How I know I have too many things on my plate? When I have 2 notebooks that are being filled simultaneously

Monday, 1 December 2014

Gems in my city: Tanglin Halt

Setting aside some time for a date has always been on my to do list every week. I believe in having a date and not just a 'meet-up'. However work, family has been demanding for a bit more of my time than usual so dates are rare now. What I have are just coffee dates which lasts for maybe about 2-3 hours at most. 

When the better half first introduced me to this area, I was enjoying the laid-back vibe that you get just strolling around the area and of course the good food. The hawker centre that is located near the neighborhood police post serves an array of food that I am sure is able to satisfy any picky eater. From Indian food to Chinese cuisine, one is definitely spoilt for choice. Before this date, we often come back to the area to eat at a certain stall but every trip was deemed wasted as the stall is always close. This time round, Lady Luck was on our side.

Lo and behold the elusive, the amazing chicken rice that seems to sell out all of its wares by 5pm everyday. Just look at those chicken bones hanging from the hook. When we came, there was only half a chicken left. Yes! Just half! How lucky were we! 

The better half was the one instigating for me to try this particular chicken rice. He described the dish as 'simply delicious'. Being a fan of chicken rice (especially Chinese chicken rice), I just got to try.

He is not lying when he say it is simple. It is. Even the price for the set (inclusive of the steamed vegetables) is just 4.50 SGD. Without the vegetables, it is just $3!

As for the taste, no wonder they sold out by 5pm. The rice is hot and extremely flavorful. The chicken is tender and cooked to perfection. No blood, no chewy bits. It is as smooth as the layer of fats found under the roasted skin. The vegetables are blanched just long enough that there is still a crunch to them. The soup is not salty unlike most places I've tried. I have low tolerance to salt so this soup is heaven. All in all, I want one more plate of the chicken rice but I have to think of the others waiting in line. Hmmm trust me, I am already planning an off day just to come down earlier to eat this delicious plate of chicken rice.

Most would think that a plate of this would be enough to fill my tummy. Nope. It was time for desserts! Ice-cream time! 

We walked past the store a couple of times before this trip and always wondered what flavors do they have. When we walked in, we were the only customers which I absolutely love. New cafes tend to be filled with hipster cool kids that at times I feel I am too underdressed to be of attendance. Cafes are supposed to be places to chill or to read a book. I love cafes that is able to offer me such ambiance and I must say, The Milky Way did just that.

I love the decor the ice-cream parlor has and I love that they only sells ice-cream, waffles, coffee and tea. The menu is so fussfree that I find it extremely comforting. Too many things on the menu makes it harder to choose what to try! So we went for a flat white and a cup of Smurf ice-cream and a Smurf and hazelnut combo. I got the combo while he gets the single scoop and the coffee.

I had a great 3 hours walking around Tanglin Halt. The nearest MRT station is Commonwealth. Just walk beyond the Sheng Shiong outlet and you will discover the old charm Tanglin has to offer. I am not sure till when they'll be there as we saw certain areas being cordoned off, signaling some demolition works being done. So have a visit before they are all gone.