Tuesday, 10 November 2015

It's been tough

It has been a tough few months with a lot of lows than highs. We all can just take a day at a time and live it through the day. 

That is all I can do for now.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Gems in my City: Queenstown

Queenstown was built in the 1950's and named after Queen Elizabeth II after her coronation in 1952. Previously it was called Wu Wei Kang.

It is close to one of my favourite towns; Tiong Bahru. Queenstown has its own charm to it. It has so many historical places that it even has its own map of the places of interest.

We did not plan to walk this route. In fact our agenda for that day was to get running shoes for the better half. We were walking from Queenstown MRT to Queesnway shopping centre, one of the locals favourite spots to shop for sportsgear. While walking and eating ice-cream (it was a really warm day), we came to The 'Butterfly' block.

The start of our trail
One of the earliest pictures. Photo from http://www.queenstown.org.sg/.
Isn't it stunning? The apartment blocks today are of the same shape that it is only visually appealing with the use of colours. In the old days, homes were architecturally beautiful. Take Tiong Bahru and Dakota Crescent for instance. They add 'colour' to their neighborhoods.

We went about our shoe expedition before continuing on the trail. To a mosque that I had always wanted to see.

Quite a cool name isn't it!

It is quite a distance from Queensway Shopping Centre

It was named after one of the 5 warriors in Malay folklore and the mosque served as a praying area for the Malay regiment soldiers living in the area. It is now a 10 mins walk away from its nearest housing estate. There used to be the railway right next to the mosque but has since been removed when the railway tracks was decommission in 2011.

We walked along the stretch just to spend more time talking and enjoying each other's company. To those who would love to take long walks to talk or just take beautiful photos, I recommend walking along this stretch of 'greenery'. I found a website that documents more spots lile this. Have a look at The 'Green Corridor' . Such a great website for future dates!

I got tired after the 2 hours of walking. We went for a short coffee break and went off to Kallang Wave mall in search of his shoes. Till next time, Queenstown.

Where the KTM railway tracks used to lay

We wandered abit off the tracks and found this pathway. We believe that it might be at some point in time a small park for the kampung that used to be around the area.

The better half

Sunday, 6 September 2015

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world ― J.R.R. Tolkien

The salted egg Calamari @ Wilder.sg is delicious enough to make me come back for a 2nd time

The 1st week of September was not kind to me and I was craving for some time to rest and not think of work or school. 1st half of my Saturday was spent at work and once the clock strikes 12pm, my body was itching to leave the extreme west of Singapore. 

When my mind wants a rest, my tummy starts to take over. So this weekend, it was all about food. My mind is fully rested while my tummy is working overtime. That is symbol of an awesome weekend in my books. 

The Better half dislike me taking photos of our food. He had to resort to this

Lime Mojito from Wilder.sg 

Wilder.sg is located at 749 North Bridge Road. Nearest MRT: Bugis

Their Gnocchi is good too!
You can never go wrong with Ice-cream
Sunday's Family lunch @ Fish & Co. Photo by my sister.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Blue moon

When you know you look good, a whole lot of photos!!! 

When I saw this dress at the Poplook website, I went gaga! I told myself, wait for pay and if the size is still there, grab and pay. And with god's grace, it's mine now!!! In love with the colour, the cut, and how comfortable it is. 

Initially I was worried of the lining. It was thick and quite heavy but today, being a hot day, I felt great through out the day! So thumbsup to Poplook! 

Saturday, 1 August 2015


I see red most days nowadays
. Maybe it's the hormones (time of the month) or maybe it's just stress and lethargic feeling I have from work. That coupled with the start of school just made me very irritable. I hope this will pass after I settled into the routine of work and school. 

Makeup has always brighten up my day so I am slapping it on quite frequently. Today I decide on a red lip. How apt.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

The little things counts

Those who personally know me knows that my phone is absolutely filled with photos. I love to take photos and actually be in them too (selfie!). Everyone knows how I love to take pictures of my food. Most people would patiently wait or even encourage me to take a picture of their portion of food before we indulge. The one person who actually hates it is none other than my better half.

"Why do you want to show the world what you're eating? It is just food. Nothing special."

Yes, my better half is not the supportive one when it comes to photography. He would do this to my photos:

How mature -_-

It actually takes a whole lot of effort to quickly take a photo before he invades my perfect photo with his long, lanky fingers. 

Sometimes I have to resort to this:

It may look so loving and nice but trust me, the laughter that surrounds this picture was deafening! 

I am sure I am not alone. I'm pretty sure some mine else's better half does this to them too!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bright ideas

I am often browsing through IKEA catalog and always dog-earred pages of furniture that I would love to have. As I got older this habit never change. I am still browsing through but this time online. I not only visit their website but also their app. It is one of those things that I would scroll through and imagine what my dream house might look like.

You can browse through the entire collection on your phone! So simple and absolutely addictive. 

The best part is that you are able to save your shopping lists and immediately it can calculate for you the total you'll be spending for that trip. And yes, my total will be $1200 minimum. You can never stick closely to your list when you shop at IKEA! Trust me. 

These are the items I am looking to get. 
I already got my Algot system wardrobe so let's scratched that out.
As you can see, I am going for a clean and minimal colours for my side of the room. I have always love IKEA this majority of the items are from this beautiful furniture store. All but the chair. That one is from fortytwo.com. The chair selection there is much better than IKEA. 

Let's cross our fingers and hope that I find the time to make this a reality! I'm doing it in phases so shall periodically update here! 

Phase one

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Unforgettable,In every way, And forever more

How many times have you caught yourself humming to an old tune and then all of the sudden, the inner diva in you got unleashed?

Come on, admit it. There are times that you ‘accidentally’ belt out that Mariah Carey song with all the high notes that in your head, you totally nailed it. ‘Cause I know I had a few of those moments. There is something about these old tunes isn’t it. No matter how irregular they are being playing over the radio airwaves, you still remember the words to every song while the new songs you can only mumble 2-3 lines of the chorus (I cannot even remember Wrecking Ball. My version is ‘I’m hmmm like a wrecking ball.’ That is it). Maybe it is just me but I do believe that the songs from the 80’s- 90‘s are absolutely one of the best remixes of music to have on your playlist. You can cry to the lyrics then jump up and down on the bed to the beat.

 While growing up, I was exposed to mainly the Rock genre. Scorpions and Eagles will accompany my family’s road trips to Ipoh, Perak (a twice a year trip we used to take to visit my maternal aunt and cousins). My favourite song of the two would be Hotel California. When I was younger it was just all about the instruments played, the chords and how ‘lentuk’ (rock) it can get. Maybe because of my age, I was not into the lyrics as much as I do now. It does not help when you have a dad and a bunch of cousins and their friends that would come together and start jamming outside of the house to Led Zeppelin, Metallica and other Rock legends.

So I did not grow up listening to Aqua or N’SYNC or Backstreet Boys. I only started to listen to Pop when I was 9. That was when I went GAGA over Blue (Still do). That was also the time I discovered Celine Dion, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, Ella Fitzgerald and a lot more. Now my playlist is a mix of old and new. I love my Jazz and oldies too much to let them go. I can live without knowing the latest songs or the song that topped the Billboard Charts. Just leave me with my Jazz or songs from Ella Fitzgerald or even the suave Frank Sinatra and I will be in a blissful bubble for hours.

I do hear people say I am too young to know all these singers/songs. Music does not limit itself to age. So why should I. There is good music coming out from the new generation however I do not favour the music video that accompanies the music. Sometimes the song is absolutely amazing but the music video just ruins it. I love dance tracks. I let loose to them but not only the music videos, the lyrics more often than not, put me off listening to them. Call me old fashion but I wish music was as ‘harmless’ as it was back then (who could resist dancing to Grease Lighting or Saturday Night Fever! I know I couldn’t!). Growing up I was privileged enough to be exposed to different genres and was not restricted to just one.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Take the lead of the eldest one

Being the eldest is not all green. The normal sibling rivalry will happen but what sticks the most is parenting. 

You are the guinea pig of their parenting techniques. You are the product of trial and error. You will bring them through phases of your life and their reaction to them is not all approving.

Being 24, my circle of friends are in the phase of settling down. Some are just starting to plan and some are so deep into the planning process that before we knew it, it's time to buy the bridesmaid dresses. I, myself, am still trying to adjust to the fact that I am 'losing' my friends to tulle, flower arrangements, wedding favours, mason jars madness. I can only imagine my parents, coping with me being out of the house every weekend, helping a friend or having a social life outside of the family meet-ups. 

To cope with this change, they might say things that are insensitive. They might say to never return home. They might say things that made no sense to you that you get caught in disbelief. They might just see your disbelief as a sign of rudeness. They will make you cry with their words but always remember. They themselves are unsure how to react to things. You are their first. You will always be their baby. So to have you go out with someone else and attend events with you , they don't know what to make of it. 

Just remember this before you go storming out of the house, saying how they don't understand what you're going through; they don't. They don't know what the normal mid-twenties people have to go through. We just have to take a deep breath and exhale. As many times as possible. We are the guide for the rest. Their guide for the rest.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The geek in me

No, I am not referring to May 4th. I am referring to the inner child I still have in me whenever I get new makeup. In reference to Geek, I finally own the MakeupGeek ultimate palette! 

Yes. I caved in. The $200++ SGD (inclusive of shipping) was a big problem when I first add the palette on my wish list. Who the hell want to spent $200 on makeup?! Me. To be honest, it is relatively the same amount I would spend at MAC when it was time for me to restock my foundations, primers and of course add to my collection of eyeshadow from this renown brand. I finally talked myself into parting with my $200 and went on to purchase this bad boy.

I only received it yesterday and I've only swatched them. I have yet to start playing around with looks but so many ideas came to mind while I was unwrapping each shadow.

For the price you'll receive a large Z palette and 27 eyeshadows pans that is already magnetised for your convenience. As you can see, it fits 27 perfectly.

As I was unpacking the box and arranging the shadows, I notice that my fingers were stained with fallout from some of the shadows especially the darker colours. So peeps, do use these shadows before your foundation to avoid ruining ur base.

The shadows were so pretty to look at and I was tempted to sleep with the shadows by my side. I was staring at the palette and smiling to myself. Who knew a palette of 27 shadows can make one go bonkers! 

They swatch beautifully except for beaches and cream as it matches my skin to the T so it does not show up when I took a picture. 

I don't have a favourite yet as I love the colours! I am sure to try the palette out this week, and the week after and the week after that oh and... All the time!!! 

As you all can see, I am a happy GEEK!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Goodbye dear sir

I have always been a fan of our Mr Lee Kuan Yew. His vision, his ability to strive for a better tomorrow for Singapore hit me when I started learning about the history of singapore back in School. 

The history books often narrate him as a stern and vivacious leader of Singapore; going through adversities to make Singapore a Jewel of the East. The sense of respect was enforced upon me since young though I have no knowledge of why does he command such respect. 

As I got older, I got better at reading and I began reading about him. History books tend to narrate just the nationalistic achievements that he had achieve. I read his memoirs and a different view of him was presented to me. 

His 'soft-side' so to speak appeared through the books and his smile was rather infectious. Through the words and minimal pictures that the book had, I managed to catch a glimpse of Mr Lee as the father, husband and son. He is human too. 

Today his son, our current Prime Minister , Mr Lee Hsien Leong took centre stage to address the nation of the passing of our founding father; his father. The sadness in his eyes and voice was so clear and our heart mourn with him. 

Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew for all you've done to fight for our freedom and fight for our nation. Thank you for not abandoning us when we need a leader. Thank you for your vision of the future Singapore. Thank you for sacrificing your youth and time to build us to where we are today. From 3rd world to 1st within 40 years, that by itself is an amazing feat. Thank you sir.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Often I'll type my thoughts into this domain and all the thoughts will be backspaced at the end. My mind reflects my working and personal life now; in a indecisive mood. 

I cannot seem to decide on what to do for 2015. To start 2015 without a plan is not healthy. I have been procrastinating a lot of things and I need to get the gears running. Having a lot of moments to sigh is not great for the self esteem (or whatever is left). The only moments that liven up my day would be the small talk between colleagues, friends, family and of course the better half. Other than that I  spend my time sleeping, cleaning, rearranging and staring into space. 

What is wrong with me. Does anyone know? 

Monday, 5 January 2015

A tidel wave

A common sight at year end would be parties, festive celebrations and upbeat songs playing through the soundwaves everywhere in the world. It is not common to have your head spinning with deliverables and worries on the impending year ahead. That was my year end; Filled with bitter truths and even bitter tears.

Too many were suddenly thrown onto my plate that I am still trying to pick up the scraps of the table and placing them back onto the plate. I have yet to even deal with the mess on the plate itself. The scraps are slowly clearing up and soon I have to deal with the colourful mess. I am absolutely appaled at the situation I've put myself into. I know i have to do something about it and I will. Just not now. I am still deciding what to do with 2015. So forgive me for the lack of posts. I am trying to start 2015 right. So here I am, with a
short post. Hopefully, it will crank up these rusty gears in my head.