Monday, 23 March 2015

Goodbye dear sir

I have always been a fan of our Mr Lee Kuan Yew. His vision, his ability to strive for a better tomorrow for Singapore hit me when I started learning about the history of singapore back in School. 

The history books often narrate him as a stern and vivacious leader of Singapore; going through adversities to make Singapore a Jewel of the East. The sense of respect was enforced upon me since young though I have no knowledge of why does he command such respect. 

As I got older, I got better at reading and I began reading about him. History books tend to narrate just the nationalistic achievements that he had achieve. I read his memoirs and a different view of him was presented to me. 

His 'soft-side' so to speak appeared through the books and his smile was rather infectious. Through the words and minimal pictures that the book had, I managed to catch a glimpse of Mr Lee as the father, husband and son. He is human too. 

Today his son, our current Prime Minister , Mr Lee Hsien Leong took centre stage to address the nation of the passing of our founding father; his father. The sadness in his eyes and voice was so clear and our heart mourn with him. 

Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew for all you've done to fight for our freedom and fight for our nation. Thank you for not abandoning us when we need a leader. Thank you for your vision of the future Singapore. Thank you for sacrificing your youth and time to build us to where we are today. From 3rd world to 1st within 40 years, that by itself is an amazing feat. Thank you sir.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Often I'll type my thoughts into this domain and all the thoughts will be backspaced at the end. My mind reflects my working and personal life now; in a indecisive mood. 

I cannot seem to decide on what to do for 2015. To start 2015 without a plan is not healthy. I have been procrastinating a lot of things and I need to get the gears running. Having a lot of moments to sigh is not great for the self esteem (or whatever is left). The only moments that liven up my day would be the small talk between colleagues, friends, family and of course the better half. Other than that I  spend my time sleeping, cleaning, rearranging and staring into space. 

What is wrong with me. Does anyone know?