Saturday, 23 May 2015

Take the lead of the eldest one

Being the eldest is not all green. The normal sibling rivalry will happen but what sticks the most is parenting. 

You are the guinea pig of their parenting techniques. You are the product of trial and error. You will bring them through phases of your life and their reaction to them is not all approving.

Being 24, my circle of friends are in the phase of settling down. Some are just starting to plan and some are so deep into the planning process that before we knew it, it's time to buy the bridesmaid dresses. I, myself, am still trying to adjust to the fact that I am 'losing' my friends to tulle, flower arrangements, wedding favours, mason jars madness. I can only imagine my parents, coping with me being out of the house every weekend, helping a friend or having a social life outside of the family meet-ups. 

To cope with this change, they might say things that are insensitive. They might say to never return home. They might say things that made no sense to you that you get caught in disbelief. They might just see your disbelief as a sign of rudeness. They will make you cry with their words but always remember. They themselves are unsure how to react to things. You are their first. You will always be their baby. So to have you go out with someone else and attend events with you , they don't know what to make of it. 

Just remember this before you go storming out of the house, saying how they don't understand what you're going through; they don't. They don't know what the normal mid-twenties people have to go through. We just have to take a deep breath and exhale. As many times as possible. We are the guide for the rest. Their guide for the rest.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The geek in me

No, I am not referring to May 4th. I am referring to the inner child I still have in me whenever I get new makeup. In reference to Geek, I finally own the MakeupGeek ultimate palette! 

Yes. I caved in. The $200++ SGD (inclusive of shipping) was a big problem when I first add the palette on my wish list. Who the hell want to spent $200 on makeup?! Me. To be honest, it is relatively the same amount I would spend at MAC when it was time for me to restock my foundations, primers and of course add to my collection of eyeshadow from this renown brand. I finally talked myself into parting with my $200 and went on to purchase this bad boy.

I only received it yesterday and I've only swatched them. I have yet to start playing around with looks but so many ideas came to mind while I was unwrapping each shadow.

For the price you'll receive a large Z palette and 27 eyeshadows pans that is already magnetised for your convenience. As you can see, it fits 27 perfectly.

As I was unpacking the box and arranging the shadows, I notice that my fingers were stained with fallout from some of the shadows especially the darker colours. So peeps, do use these shadows before your foundation to avoid ruining ur base.

The shadows were so pretty to look at and I was tempted to sleep with the shadows by my side. I was staring at the palette and smiling to myself. Who knew a palette of 27 shadows can make one go bonkers! 

They swatch beautifully except for beaches and cream as it matches my skin to the T so it does not show up when I took a picture. 

I don't have a favourite yet as I love the colours! I am sure to try the palette out this week, and the week after and the week after that oh and... All the time!!! 

As you all can see, I am a happy GEEK!