Sunday, 20 March 2016


The last few months of 2015 has been tough for my family. A lot of changes, a lot of sacrifices. A lot of highs, a lot of really lows.

I am proud to say that as a family, we got through the 'dugaan' that HE brought to us. We got stronger as family.

Alhamdullillah my dad is doing much better now and what matters is that he is home!

2016 has been a whirlwind of events. Alhamdullillah I've moved to a new role within the company and I am loving it! I remembered when I was in school 5-6 years back, I told myself that I want to be able to travel for work and with this new role, I have been going over to our neighboring country for work. Though it is just Malaysia, I am still thankful that I got the chance. This coming week I'll be in Melaka!

I am enjoying work and I am grateful for it.

only 3 months into 2016 and I am having a blast


Smile 'cause you had the chance

It is funny how in school I don't show how interested I was with Makeup. I was hockey goalkeeper so technical I was deck in shorts, dry fit tees and my hair will be pulled back with my skin as tan as it could possibly be. Now, I get asked about my craft and sometimes, people would take the chance to hire me for their special events or work events. I, in turn, will be too shy to say yes.

To this lady, whom I met during school, I willing said ok to do her makeup for her engagement and again for her corporate photoshoot. 

It was a great eye opener for me as I am still new to this and to have the sudden exposure to this world of makeup artistry. 

Doing makeup not on yourself is a totally different ball game. You gotta know the person's face shape, skin tone, eye shape, eyebrow thickness, lips and skin condition 5 mins before you start slapping on makeup onto their precious faces.  That 5 mins scared the hell out of me with thoughts running through my head like 'what if I make them look fat instead of thin' or 'what if the camera picks out dullness in their complexion?' Or the worst 'what if they don't like my work!'.

Yes, these thoughts will run through my tiny head before I smile and start painting on the blank canvas I have. Scary isn't it? One thing I learn from this and a few other experience is that you can never be satisfied with your work. There will be things you want to change after and you have to take it in your stride. You can take it as a lesson and use it in the next assignment. 

So the learning point: 

1: to be apply more on the lids and cheeks as its a photoshoot. It may look good in real life but on camera, the colours might get toned down thanks to the lighting. 

2: to really define the brows. Again, like point one, more product and more emphasis on the brows.