Sunday, 17 April 2016

It is the little things that counts

Today I spend some time with the man's family. Had a huge feast, had an amazing night and as I went home, The tummy decides to start contracting and ache so bad. I guess it's preparing itself for lady red... 

It was painful to the point of I was unable to move and started crying when I stood up while waiting for the cab. The man, the lovely amazing man, tap my arm lovingly and said 'breathe in deeply. Focus on your breathing'. He did not let go of my arm. He hold it tight and tried to make jokes that made me laugh and the pain got even more painful! 

Well he tried. And I'm grateful for that. Atleast he tried to make me forget the pain. 

Saturday, 16 April 2016

What it takes to love

I am no love expert. I am not married (yet). But I do love people. I love my family, I love the people I am friends with, I love my colleagues and I love my man.

At times, I tend to say I love you too often. There is no such thing as too much right? But what if I am just using it with the same tone and expression as 'hello' and 'goodbye'. Does it count? Does my I love you becomes romantic? 

No. It does not. Instead, it becomes a cliche. 

To Love or be in love is not enough. You got to seek understanding, you got to seek acceptance. You got to give it back. You got to give your heart. 

Not many are capable of truly loving a person. I wish I can say I know all this. I don't. I learn as I go and today, after a long conversation with the man, I realised how ignorant I've become to understanding his likes and dislikes. How ashamed I felt that he had to remind me that all he wanted from me is simple; for me to understand him. 

I thought knowing what his favourite colour is, what size are his feet, what is his favourite food etc etc is enough. 

I realised those are just bonuses if I know. I should be paying more attention to his actions, to his principles, to his habits. I shouldn't whine that he is not romantic. I shouldn't whine that I don't get enough 'love' from him. He didn't whine when I left his jacket in a foreign land (oh yes I did. And I tried so hard getting it bad. I cried when I told him but he just said 'it's just a jacket, I can buy it again) neither did he throw a fit when I didn't planned his birthday celebration, instead he played along and spent a mediocre day with me (but I did brought him to see his idol). 

I have not been the best lady for him and yet he still stick by me. This man must really love me or just has a huge-ass amount of patience for me. I know it's both. And I am grateful. 

So today, ladies, think about what your man has done for you. No, not the moments he bought flowers for Valentine's Day kind. The He hugged me tight when I had a bad day or He called during lunch to sing a Stevie Wonder Classic kind of things. It's these gestures that you appreciate more than the flowers but you tend to overlook the little things.

If your man is next to you, give him the tightest hug and say you'll do better. 

And ladies, mean what you say. I will do better. I will