Monday, 5 January 2015

A tidel wave

A common sight at year end would be parties, festive celebrations and upbeat songs playing through the soundwaves everywhere in the world. It is not common to have your head spinning with deliverables and worries on the impending year ahead. That was my year end; Filled with bitter truths and even bitter tears.

Too many were suddenly thrown onto my plate that I am still trying to pick up the scraps of the table and placing them back onto the plate. I have yet to even deal with the mess on the plate itself. The scraps are slowly clearing up and soon I have to deal with the colourful mess. I am absolutely appaled at the situation I've put myself into. I know i have to do something about it and I will. Just not now. I am still deciding what to do with 2015. So forgive me for the lack of posts. I am trying to start 2015 right. So here I am, with a
short post. Hopefully, it will crank up these rusty gears in my head.