Tongue Twisting. Definitely. 
Say it slow, you’ll get it right. 

For months I’ve toyed with the idea. Once, having 4 different blogs just because I as unsure of what to write about. CrispsClouds was part of a dream I have. Every girl has an idea on how she’ll like to decorate her bedroom. Being the eldest of 4 and part of 3 growing girls in my family, I have to make some sacrifices. Having my own room is one of them. Living in Singapore where land is scarce, it is common to have apartments with only 3 bedrooms, thus the sharing of a room with 2 other sisters. My mind will always have pictures of how I’ll decorate my personal space once I am able to afford it. Mine will always be of crisps white linens and cozy nooks with fluffy white pillows. Crisps sheets and white cloud-like pillows will adorn my bed with a huge Tigger in the middle (no one, I repeat, no one can take that thing away from me). 

Crisps Cloud is a concept I coined to describe the space I consider the most personal and intimate. CrispsClouds.blogspot is an extension of this personal space. I’ll adorn the space with favourites and incidents that hits home; pouring my heart out and setting my mind and fingers (can’t say tongue as you can’t hear me speak) free from the reins of social and cultural acceptance. 

CrispsClouds.blogspot is my tiny space in this gigantic swimming pool called The Internet.

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