Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Unforgettable,In every way, And forever more

How many times have you caught yourself humming to an old tune and then all of the sudden, the inner diva in you got unleashed?

Come on, admit it. There are times that you ‘accidentally’ belt out that Mariah Carey song with all the high notes that in your head, you totally nailed it. ‘Cause I know I had a few of those moments. There is something about these old tunes isn’t it. No matter how irregular they are being playing over the radio airwaves, you still remember the words to every song while the new songs you can only mumble 2-3 lines of the chorus (I cannot even remember Wrecking Ball. My version is ‘I’m hmmm like a wrecking ball.’ That is it). Maybe it is just me but I do believe that the songs from the 80’s- 90‘s are absolutely one of the best remixes of music to have on your playlist. You can cry to the lyrics then jump up and down on the bed to the beat.

 While growing up, I was exposed to mainly the Rock genre. Scorpions and Eagles will accompany my family’s road trips to Ipoh, Perak (a twice a year trip we used to take to visit my maternal aunt and cousins). My favourite song of the two would be Hotel California. When I was younger it was just all about the instruments played, the chords and how ‘lentuk’ (rock) it can get. Maybe because of my age, I was not into the lyrics as much as I do now. It does not help when you have a dad and a bunch of cousins and their friends that would come together and start jamming outside of the house to Led Zeppelin, Metallica and other Rock legends.

So I did not grow up listening to Aqua or N’SYNC or Backstreet Boys. I only started to listen to Pop when I was 9. That was when I went GAGA over Blue (Still do). That was also the time I discovered Celine Dion, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, Ella Fitzgerald and a lot more. Now my playlist is a mix of old and new. I love my Jazz and oldies too much to let them go. I can live without knowing the latest songs or the song that topped the Billboard Charts. Just leave me with my Jazz or songs from Ella Fitzgerald or even the suave Frank Sinatra and I will be in a blissful bubble for hours.

I do hear people say I am too young to know all these singers/songs. Music does not limit itself to age. So why should I. There is good music coming out from the new generation however I do not favour the music video that accompanies the music. Sometimes the song is absolutely amazing but the music video just ruins it. I love dance tracks. I let loose to them but not only the music videos, the lyrics more often than not, put me off listening to them. Call me old fashion but I wish music was as ‘harmless’ as it was back then (who could resist dancing to Grease Lighting or Saturday Night Fever! I know I couldn’t!). Growing up I was privileged enough to be exposed to different genres and was not restricted to just one.